Hung Gar

Hung Gar (洪家), also known as Hung Kuen or Hung Ga Kuen, is a southern Chinese Gung Fu attributed to Wong Fei Hung, who was a master of Hung Ga.

Hung Gar was originally founded by monks who survived the burning of the Shaolin Temple.

Hung Gar is famous for its deep gung fu stances, particularly  ma bu (horse stance).

It also has extremely strong hand techniques, specifically the tiger claw. It is common for students (in the traditional styles) spend up to three years standing in ma bu. Only after this is done is he shown any forms or techniques. Another three years and he will be shown weapons.

The result of this harsh training regimen is a reputation as an external martial art, but, in truth, Hung Gar develops internal strength.

Hung Gar Training Patterns

  1. Single Hard Fist
  2. Double Hard Fist
  3. Taming the Tiger Fist
  4. Mother & Son Butterfly Swords
  5. Angry Tiger Fist
  6. Fifth Brother Eight Trigram Pole
  7. Flying Hook
  8. Black Tiger Fist

The main instruction of Hung Gar, however, is in the four ‘pillars’ of instruction:

  1. Taming the Tiger Fist
  2. Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist
  3. Five Animal Fist
  4. Iron Wire Fist

Taming the Tiger Fist

Taming the Tiger is a long form which trains the student in the basic technique of while building endurance.

Tiger Crane Paired Form Fist

Taming the Tiger teaches ‘bridge hand’ techniques, and long arm techniques. It is extremely useful as a two man form.

Five Animal Fist

These are actually a series of movements which connect the external with the internal. The five animals are the Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane.

Some schools practice the five fists as elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, and Wood.

Iron Wire Fist

Iron Wire builds internal power, and is a combination of Qigong meditative meditative breathing and dynamic tension isometric exercise,

weapons of hung gar

There are 72 martial arts weapons claimed by Hung Gar, but the dominant ones are:

  1. Eight Trigram Pole
  2. broadsword
  3. butterfly swords
  4. spear
  5. fan

Five-Pattern Hung Kuen

An important form common to many schools is the Five Pattern Kuen. It presents many theories and is a mainstay.

Tiger Crane two man Form

Another very important form is the Tiger-Crane two man form is common among Shaolin style martial arts. It has 108 movements/techniques, and is attributed to Wong Fei Hung.


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  1. Wong Fei Hung has always been one of my favorite Characters in Hong Kong Cinema!

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